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On June 12, 2021 two lives affected by mental illness crossed paths in a most horrific fashion. Paul was a compassionate, loving, caring man who lived with bi-polar disorder. He navigated his life with grace and acceptance despite the tremendous challenges brought on by his mental illness.


Paul's life was taken by a man living with severe mental illness. His struggles, including barriers imposed by the current mental healthcare and legal system, outweighed the support he so desperately needed to deal with his illness.


This tragic event led to the creation of The Paul James Pfeifer Foundation. We seek to foster an inclusive, fair and loving environment for ALL people living with mental illness, whose intrinsic value must never be judged as inferior to any other human being.

Honoring the life of
Paul James Pfeifer.  
A husband, an uncle, a musician, and a father who was taken from us much too soon.

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1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year

1 in 20 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year


50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, 75% by age 24



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